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What Our Clients Are Saying

Rachel M.

"Our experience with Direct Energy Plan has been fantastic! Not only did they provide a hassle free installation, but our energy bills have dropped since. The savings have been remarkable, making it one of the best decisions we've made for our home."

Stephanie B.

"Choosing Direct Energy Plan was a smart move for our family's finances. Our energy bills have been a lot lower, and we're already seeing a return on our investment. We're grateful for their expert advice in making this positive change."


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Services & Programs.

At Direct Energy Plan, it's not just about solar. We elevate your energy choices — leading the way in sustainability.

Residential Energy

Empower your home with clean and sustainable energy choices through our tailored residential energy solutions.

Commercial Energy

Elevate your business with eco-friendly and efficient energy solutions through our customized commercial energy options.

Community Energy

Power your home and business with our diverse community energy solutions, providing tailored options for residential and commercial needs.

Our Focus

Switching to renewable energy is a "green" choice because it's sustainable and produces no emissions, reducing your carbon footprint and helping the environment.

Renewable Energy

Solar energy is harnessed from the sun, which is an infinite source of energy. As long as the sun continues to shine, we can harness its power to generate electricity, making it renewable. Unlike fossil fuels (coal, oil, and gas), which are finite and non-renewable, solar energy can be continuously tapped without depleting natural resources.

Energy Independence

By using solar energy, individuals and communities can become more self-sufficient in generating their electricity. This reduces reliance on centralized power grids that often rely on fossil fuels and are vulnerable to disruptions or price fluctuations.

Conservation of Resources

Switching to solar energy helps conserve finite natural resources, such as coal and oil, which are extracted through mining and drilling, often causing ecological disturbances.

Reduced Greenhouse Gas Emissions

When we use fossil fuels to generate electricity, it releases greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere. These gases contribute to global warming and climate change. Solar energy, on the other hand, is clean and produces zero emissions during operation, which helps in reducing our carbon footprint and minimizing environmental damage.

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